Brown-Forman is dropping Jack Daniel's Original Hard Cola, according to press reports. The Courier-Journal says today (21 September) that the company has seen the number of beer distributors carrying the brand fall from 140 to 35 since taking over distribution of the flavoured alcoholic beverage (FAB) from Miller Brewing in April.

Hard Cola was launched two years ago by Brown-Forman in an attempt to grab FAB market share from the likes of Smirnoff Ice and Bacardi Silver.

"We realised there were no economies of scale when there was so little interest," Brown-Forman spokesman Phil Lynch told the newspaper.

At its peak, Hard Cola held 2.2% of the FAB market, muscling into the top 10 last year. Miller decided to drop the drink earlier this year as the market in general began to decline. Brown-Forman has seen the decline continue throughout the summer months, hence today's decision.

The company has a Jack Daniel's-branded malt in its Country Cocktails line called Black Jack Cola, the Courier-Journal noted.