By Anne Brockhoff

Brown-Forman is joining the fast-growing US ready-to-drink (RTD) market by teaming up with Miller Brewing Company to introduce a Jack Daniel#;s flavored malt beverage.

The product, which hasn#;t been named yet, will be brewed and distributed by Miller and arrive on store shelves by summer, Brown-Forman said.

The RTD is aimed at 21- to 30-year-olds, although details about the upcoming marketing campaign aren#;t yet available, Miller spokeswoman Molly Reilly said.

Figures on how much each company will invest in the RTD were also unavailable, but the brand will be supported “at levels competitive with other flavored malt beverages,” Brown-Forman said in a statement.

The announcement comes one day after Miller and Allied Domecq announced they will launch Stolichnaya Citrona and Sauza Diablo nationwide by June. Miller has also paired with Skyy Sprits, the maker of SKYY Vodka, to sell a product called SKYY Blue.

There#;s plenty of room for all of them in the U.S. RTD market, which is now dominated by Diageo#;s Smirnoff Ice, Reilly said.

“We just showed the portfolio to all our distributors who went absolutely crazy over it,” Reilly said.