The US wines and spirits company, Brown-Forman, has launched its vodka brand, Finlandia, in India. Along with the core brand, three flavoured versions of Finlandia are also to be made available on the Indian market. Finlandia will be priced at between INR1500 and INR1600 (US$34-US$37).

"Finlandia is a luxury vodka brand and should not be confused with designer vodka brands," said Amrit Kiran Singh, vice president and area director of Brown-Forman.

Vodka is a very small sector in the Indian spirits market - it accounts for about 1% of the total imported spirits market - but it is growing in popularity, particularly with younger drinkers. "Vodka is popular in the age group of 25-30 years and is growing at about 25-30% annually," Singh said.