Brown-Formans new distillery will double the production of Old Forester

Brown-Forman's new distillery will double the production of Old Forester

Brown-Forman has said its plans for a new Old Forester Bourbon distillery remain unchanged after a fire on the historical Louisville street where it will be housed, damaged nearby property.

The two buildings marked out for the Old Forester Distillery and visitor experience on Whiskey Row suffered minimal damage in Monday's fire, which started in an adjacent plot, Brown-Forman said. "We will continue with preliminary work and hold a ground-breaking ceremony this Summer and begin construction on the project," the company said.

Brown-Forman paid US$4.5m for 117 and 119 West Main Street, known as Whiskey Row, and plans to open the Old Forester distillery late next year, following a $45m investment. The combined buildings have approximately 55,000 square feet and the brick and masonry facade will be restored during the project.

The new distillery is expected to double the production of Old Forester, which is currently produced at the Brown-Forman distillery in south-west Jefferson county in Louisville.

According to AP, the fire started in the basement or first floor of a building and involved three structures. Part of the roof of one building collapsed, but the facades remain intact. No injuries were reported.

West Main Street was known as Whiskey Row in the mid-1870s because of the high number of distillers that called the street home at the time.