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Click through to view an image of the product

Brothers Drinks Co’s Perro Loco 

Category - Cider, Tequila-flavoured, 5.5% abv 

Available - From 4 November 

Location - Available to order by retailers "worldwide". No announcement on confirmed orders

Price - In UK, RRP for off-trade - GBP1.79 (US$2.90) per 33cl bottle; on-trade - GBP3 per 33cl bottle

Distribution - Brothers Drinks Co 

Family-owned drinks company Brothers is launching a Tequila-flavoured cider next week. 

Perro Loco, which is Spanish for ‘mad dog’, is a 5.5% cider aimed at 18-34 year-olds. It is described as being "cut with lemon and Tequila flavour with added agave nectar 'cactus syrup'".

Brothers suggests the drink should be served with a slice of lime in the neck of the bottle. 

“Increasingly consumers are bored with lager, RTDs and even just plain old apple and pear cider,” said Brothers’ consumers marketing marketing manager Cheryl Sheppard. “They are also demanding more than just another fruit flavoured cider.” 

Earlier this year, Brothers revamped the packaging for its namesake cider brand, which originally launched five years ago.