Britvic’s Purdey’s Edge

Britvic’s Purdey’s Edge

Britvic's Purdey's Edge

Category - Soft drinks, carbonated, adult, fruit-flavoured

Available - From this week

Location - UK, nation-wide, off-trade

Price - SRP of GBP1.49 (US$2.15) per 33cl bottle

Britvic has lined up a brand extension in the UK for the Purdey's adult soft drink. Purdey's Edge, which launches this week, "taps into the increasing consumer demand in soft drinks for vitality options", the company said. Purdey's Edge comprises sparkling water, dark berry juices, botanicals and vitamins. The iteration counts as one of the UK Government's recommended five daily portions of fruit and vegetables.

Earlier this year, Britvic recruited actor Idris Elba to promote Purdey's. Elba will appear in a series of short films for the brand, launching next month and backed by an outdoor campaign and digital support. The company also said at the time that it wants to position the brand as the alternative gin mixer to tonic.

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Leading soft drinks manufacturer, Britvic Soft Drinks, is excited to announce the launch of a new variant from multivitamin fruit drink Purdey's: Purdey's Edge. The latest addition to the range, alongside the original Rejuvenate variant, taps into the increasing consumer demand in soft drinks for vitality options.

Purdey's Edge is made using a blend of dark berry juices, sparkling water, botanicals and vitamins including B vitamins and vitamin C. The Blackthorn, Hawthorn, Snakeroot and Wormwood botanicals contribute to a bold and distinctive taste that gives drinkers a gentle lift.

Each bottle of Purdey's Edge comprises one of the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  It also contains no caffeine, artificial flavours or added sugar, making Purdey's Edge the ideal adult soft drink for those looking for something a little different to mainstream energy drinks. 

The release of Purdey's Edge follows the launch of the brand's 'Thrive On' campaign with British icon, Idris Elba, at the beginning of this year, which encourages consumers to make the most of life's opportunities and shape their own success. 

Britvic's GB Marketing Director, Kevin McNair said, "Purdey's already enjoys a strong following among those with busy lives and discerning taste, and the new Purdey's Edge variant is set to excite their taste buds even further. The striking dark packaging will enhance the brand's premium character, driving sales opportunities for operators as well as trade-up from other brands. We know that drinkers are increasingly looking for more unusual options when out with friends, so Purdey's is perfectly placed to respond to this."

Purdey's Edge will be available to order in 330ml bottles from the 21st March 2016, at an RRP of £1.49.

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