Click through to view Britvics J2O Glitter Berry

Click through to view Britvic's J2O Glitter Berry

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Britvic's J2O Glitter Berry

Category - Soft drink, fruit with spice

Available - From this month

Location - UK, in both the on- and off-trade

Price - MRRP of GBP3.67 (US$5.90) per four-pack of 27.5cl bottles in off-trade, GBP1.85 per bottle in on-trade

Distribution - Britvic

J2O Glitter Berry is a combination of red grape, cherry and a hint of spice with edible gold glitter.

The launch will be supported by a GBP2.5m TV and cinema marketing campaign from November, which is themed around the ‘Smile Tastebuds’ creative that ran on UK screens earlier this year. Britvic will also run sampling campaigns in the off-trade, and will offer the on-trade front-of-bar POS.

The variant will be available as a limited edition, the run of which was not specified.