Adult soft drink brand J20 is being backed by a £1.75m advertising push. The campaign, which targets 25- to 35-year-olds, should ensure the brand is well set to further capitalize on the growing phenomenon of cool consumerism.

Britvic's latest advertising initiative marks another important milestone in the £4m campaign for the J20 brand. Ads will appear on buses and the London Underground as well as other outdoor sites. The most recent ads hope to connect with the target 25- to 35-year-old audience by featuring a number of humiliating scenarios that could have been avoided if J20 had been chosen instead of alcohol.

In addition to national radio promotions, the ads will also be supported by a sampling campaign targeting up to 150,000 adults during the course of this month.

Timed perfectly for the height of the drinking season, the campaign seeks to raise awareness of the brand. With consumers seeking variety from the traditional non-alcoholic offerings associated with on-trade outlets, it would seem there is further scope for the brand to continue with its excellent performance since launch.

Britvic hopes the summer campaign will help to further assert the brand's image as the trendy alternative to alcohol. A key concept of the brand is that it facilitates the important emotional benefit of feeling part of the group even when individuals are not drinking alcohol. Because of this, the brand performance in the on-trade sector, where J20 is consumed in a more conspicuous social context, has been particularly impressive.

For marketers looking to incorporate coolness as a fundamental aspect of their brand values, emphasising the emotional benefits of products will become even more crucial. Consumers' increasing need to present the appropriate image to their peers means they will turn to brands or products that they feel reflect their desired identity. Recognising this, a plethora of brands, particularly in the drinks sector, are trying to establish cool credibility.