Britvic Soft Drinks plans to launch a marketing campaign that reinforces the family heritage of its Robinsons range in the UK.

The company said today (4 May) that the campaign will introduce the tagline "Raise them on Robinsons" in an effort to build on the brand's image as a drink that mothers should give to their children.

The initiative will kick off this month with a four-week stint of television advertising, paired with press ads in monthly and weekly magazines on shelf for the duration.

The company said the TV ad uses animation to tell the story of a seed that, when watered with Robinsons squash, begins to grow until it becomes a flower from which a child emerges.

"The new 'Raise them on Robinsons' campaign will reinforce the role Robinsons plays in family life and reassure mums that they are making the best choice for their children when they choose Robinsons," said Britvic brands director Jonathan Gatward.

Robinsons is the third-biggest soft drinks brand in the UK off-trade and the tenth-largest grocery brand overall.