Britvic has opened a new aseptic production line at its Rugby factory enabling the company to enter new soft drinks catagories.

The company said yesterday (21 June) that the new production line, costing GBP7.5m (US$15m), does not require preservatives to be added as bottle sterilisation, product pasteurisation and filling is done in a sealed and sterile environment. The soft drinks company also said that two new pure juice products will be launched off the new back of the line this summer, Robinsons Smooth Juice and Robinsons Fruit Shoot 100% Juice. Both of the new ambient juices will be available in three different flavours, according to the company.

Britvic's general manager Gordon Sitch said: "The development and installation of the new line has been a very complex task, involving many people both internally and externally. But everyone is really excited about the investment and the fact that we can see the future of the factory keeping in step with evolving consumer trends."

Britvic's chief executive, Paul Moody added: "The new aseptic line is a significant step forward for the company in both the short and long-term as we look to aggressively drive our leading position in the faster growing stills category. The consumer trend towards health and wellbeing continues to drive our innovation programme, with new product development focussed on areas of sustainable growth."

The company said earlier this month that its 20-second advert, entitled 'Pour', will run from today for three weeks across the country as part of a GBP2.8m (US$5.5m) campaign.

Running concurrently with the advert will be a sampling campaign, both in supermarkets and at the forthcoming Wimbledon tennis championships.

Britvic launched the Robinsons Smooth Juice extension in February, as the company looked to bolster its presence in the juice category in the UK.