Soft drinks firm Britvic is to launch an energy version of Mountain Dew in the UK to capture growing consumer thirst for energy drinks.

Mountain Dew Energy will be available from May, Britvic said yesterday at an investor seminar (30 March).

The firm holds the licence to PepsiCo drinks in the UK and will be competing against energy brands Relentless, Rockstar and Monster.

“All the characteristics about the strength of the brand goes to the heart of why we are using Mountain Dew, I think it’s important to recognise that Mountain Dew Energy is a product uniquely formulated for the UK market,” Paul Moody told attendees.

“So what we’re taking is an incredible strong brand franchise with Mountain Dew and overlaying the energy function, so the added sugar and the added caffeine.”

Moody added that he had “no shame” about the inclusion of added sugar.

“Energy is driven by sugar and sugar by caffeine and we think that it will have a huge role to play.”

Asked why Britvic have choosen a PepsiCo brand, Moody said: “We’ve taken off the shelf a US$1bn brand with all of the equity that it has and converted it into a proposition that we think is absolutely right for the UK market. And we will then use that strength to exploit Mountain Dew.”

The product will be launched only in select outlets this year and available only in 500ml bottles. It is designed to be an extension of the firm’s carbonates range with PepsiCo, Britvic said, demonstrating its “ever-growing relationship” with the drinks giant.

Britvic also announced a product launch targeted towards mums and kids. Robinsons Fruit Shoot My-5 contains 80% juice and 20% water and is available with immediate effect.

A Robinsons Select range is an extension of the existing square range but “a bit more exotic”, Britvic said. It is available in a slightly larger 850ml bottle from summer in three flavours.

An extension of the firm’s J20 range was also announced White Blend has been formulated as an accompaniment to food in a bid to target the fall in alcohol sales that has seen many consumers’ pub visits now centred on food. Variants available include White Grape and Kiwi and Red Grape and Blackcurrant.