Canadian beer maker Brick Brewing Co. is to play on its status as a domestically owned brewer when it unveils its latest marketing campaign.

Brick, which was founded in Ontario in 1984, believes its status as the province's largest Canadian-owned brewer gives it "a tremendous marketing opportunity".

"Regrettably the vast majority of beer consumed in Ontario is now produced by foreign-owned firms," said Brick founder and executive chairman Jim Brickman.

Canada's largest brewer Molson merged with US rival Coors in 2005. Belgium-based giant InBev owns Canada's number two brewer Labatt Breweries Japan's, while last year Sapporo snapped up Sleeman Breweries.

Moreover, last month, InBev bought Canadian brewer Lakeport Brewing to tap into the country's popular economy beer segment.

President and CEO Doug Berchtold played up Brick's Canadian roots. He said: "Not only do we create Canadian jobs, support the local economy and pay taxes in Canada, our profits stay in Canada unlike foreign owned breweries."

Brick argued its newly-found status would benefit flagship brand Laker. Berchtold added: "We intend to position Laker as the true all-Canadian champion of the value-beer category."