The founder of Brick Brewing has dismissed a lawsuit against him from the brewer, which alleged financial wrongdoing.

Jim Brickman, the founder and former chairman of the company, was responding to a lawsuit issued last week by the Canadian brewer, which alleged that he had "committed wrongs against the corporation for several years and caused the corporation significant damages". The company is seeking damages of more than C$1m (US$920,000).

"I am surprised and disappointed that my former colleagues on Brick Brewing's board of directors have made these inaccurate and irresponsible claims," Brickman said yesterday (8 June). "The company made no attempt to discuss its supposed concerns with me beforehand. Instead, it blindsided me with a suit filled with inaccuracies and then press-released this ill-founded claim.

"The company seems to be moving far from its community roots to a world of high priced lawyers and hardball litigation," Brickman added.

"I always acted in Brick's best interest throughout my many years there, working hard to ensure the company's survival and success. This lawsuit is an enormous waste of shareholder money and yet another distraction from the company's business of brewing and selling great beer."

Brickman stood down from the company's board in February, two months after he announced his retirement.