New Zealand beer producer, DB Breweries, is to launch a range of fruit-flavoured beers on the New Zealand market under the brand name, Hopper. The beers, which will come in peach, citrus and berry flavours with an alcohol level of 5% abv, is being marketed as an entry product for the beer market and will be available from July 4, retailing at NZ$7.99 for a four-pack.

"Our findings indicated that some consumers - including women - are demanding a less bitter taste profile in their choice of beverage and slightly sweeter styles are likely to appeal to nontraditional beer drinkers," said Brian Blake, managing director of the Wellington-based brewer.

DB Breweries is 76%-owned by Asia-Pacific Breweries, the joint venture between Heineken and Singapore-based Fraser & Neave. Its principal brands on the New Zealand market are Heineken and Monteiths.