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BrewDog's Watt Dickie 

Category - Spirits, distilled beer, 35% abv  

Available - From the end of this month 

Location - BrewDog's 12 UK bars and online (, 70cll bottles "later this year" 

Price - SRP of GBP2.99 per 6cl bottle 

Distribution - BrewDog 

Scottish brewer BrewDog is launching an "ice distilled" beer. 

The 35% abv Watt Dickie, named after the firm's founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, has been created using an IPA-style beer in a "radical" brewing and ice distillation process, it said today (14 June). The precise process is being kept secret until a patent is approved. 

BrewDog claims the product is a "new style of spirit". 

The company, more famous for its off-kilter beers, said Watt Dickie will be kept seperate from the BrewDog brand. 

It is currently being served in BrewDog's London speakeasy, Underdog, and will be available in its 12 bars and online store from the end of this month. 

The drink is expected to be made available in 700ml bottles later this year, the brewer said.