Scottish brewer BrewDog has bought its first pub, located in Aberdeen, for an undisclosed fee.

BrewDog said today (30 October) that it has finalised a deal to purchase a bar, named The Marischal, in Aberdeen.

The brewer said: "Perhaps it does not look like much at the moment, as nice as a run-down old pub can look. This, however, is all going start changing very soon."

"This is going to be home of the very first BrewDog brew-pub. Blending punk-rock, utilitarianism and philosophy, the BrewDog Bar will be exciting imaginations from February 2010."

The company said the pub will only serve BrewDog beers, which include Punk IPA and Zeitgeist.

Speciality beers will be brewed on-site and the venue will be host to beer events, including tastings, beer and food pairings and open brewing days.

BrewDog has faced a number of investigations by the Portman Group after complaints have been filed over its 18.2% Tokyo* beer.

Alcohol Scotland, a registered charity, said Tokyo* is "the UK's strongest beer" and does not promote a "positive message of safe and responsible drinking".