Bacardi Breezer is to return to UK TV screens with its ad, 'Boss', now restyled to feature Bacardi Breezer Diet Lemon.

On-air nationwide until the end of August, the 'Boss' execution is part of the 'There's Latin Spirit in Everyone' campaign.  'Boss' now closes with a new end frame and additional tag line, 'Bacardi Breezer now available in Diet Lemon'. 

Targeting 18 - 25 year old men and women, the ad forms part of a £15m total Bacardi marque support package in 2004. 

Roger Harrison, marketing controller for Bacardi Breezer said: "The 'Boss' ad was an extremely popular creative with Bacardi Breezer's target audience, it's colourful and fun, highlighting the sociability and Latin party spirit associated with Bacardi Breezer.  Diet Lemon is performing exceptionally well and this is the first TV advertising will also raise consumer awareness further, driving sales."