Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer is expecting gourmet-coffee exports to double this year.

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that while speciality coffee accounts for only a fraction of all Brazilian exports, the segment is growing, and furthermore the category delivers value of up to 30% more than regular coffee.

In the past decade Italian espresso maker Illycaffe Spa has tripled imports from Brazil after it began helping growers improve their crops while Starbucks has also added a Brazilian variety for the first time.

After years of delivering cheap coffee, a campaign by Brazilian producers and international coffee marketers has finally paid off. Brazil has been re-educated to invest in long term quality motivated by the premiums. Growers are also motivated by an annual contest for the best Brazilian beans, started by Illycaffe in 1990.

It attracted 619 farms this year with the winning plantation receiving $30,000 and, according to the Wall Street Journal, Illycaffe then purchased the entire crop of the top 50 contestants at a premium.

Starbucks now offers Brazil Ipanema Bourbon as one of its four exclusive pure coffees and the company is now looking to buy up other Brazilian coffees for its blends.