Bravo! Foods International has shipped its Slammers milk drinks to Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE), under CCE's initial order for distribution in the US. The brand development and marketing company said yesterday (7 November) that, subsequent to the shipment of the initial order, it received replenishment orders from CCE for additional cases of Slammers.

Last week, CCE began distribution of Bravo!'s Slammers milk products in the US under the master distribution agreement signed by the two companies in August.

In a statement, Bravo's CEO Roy Warren said: "I am extremely pleased with the progress of coordinated sales efforts between CCE and Bravo! to date. We anticipate that this relationship will continue to grow with the distribution of Slammers in the new and expanded sales channels that CCE brings to our business."

In preparation for November distribution, Bravo! shipped its Slammers in October pursuant to CCE's initial order under the distribution agreement. Bravo's shipments to CCE, which began last month, included Slammers Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Strawberry and Orange Starburst, Vanilla and Chocolate Pro-Slammers and Vanilla and Chocolate Slim Slammers.

"With shipments under CCE's first order a reality, we are aggressively seeking additional capacity for our shelf-stable plastic bottles to handle the anticipated new demand for our Slammers products in the marketplace," Warren added.