The Brand Distillery has calmed reports from Poland that the UK company has won the right to acquire Szczecinska Wytwornia Wodek Polmos.

Local media said today (19 June) that Brand Distillery has been given the green light to buy the state-owned vodka firm. Speaking to just-drinks, however, brand Distillery's commercial director, Nick Kirkpatrick, said that negotiations between the company and the Polish government had not yet concluded. "We're one of about seven or eight companies who have expressed an interest in buying the company," Kirkpatrick said, "but it's quite a long process. We first submitted our proposal two or three years ago, but we haven't been given the okay yet."

The UK-based company, which was formed in 2003, owns the U'lovka vodka brand, which is produced and bottled in Poland. The vodka is currently available in 32 markets, having recently launched in the US.

"There is no set timetable for a decision from the Polish government on this transaction," said Kirkpatrick. "We've not been informed of any decision yet."