Boyar Estates, Bulgaria's leading winery group, is to launch what it calls the world's first Bag in Barrel, a twist on the growing bag-in-box concept, which the company hopes to exploit.

Boyar Estates Steve Abrahams said: "The historic bag-in-box shape has all the charisma of a concrete bollard. The square box packaging is plain industrial and it has no relevance at all to wine or grapes. The boxes could just as easily be harbouring paper clips or roller bearings and the packaging demeans the often excellent wines they contain.

"We wanted to stand out from our competitors and to offer wine drinkers something which looks smart and relevant in their home, something to be proud of rather than something to hide away," he said.

The Boyar Estates Bag-in-Barrel will be shaped like a traditional barrique, using wooden ends and mounted on two strips. The container will hold 3 litres of oak aged Cabernet Sauvignon.