The head of the Kentucky Distillers' Association (KDA) has urged members of the US Congress to oppose a bill that it says could weaken the Bourbon industry.

KDA president Eric Gregory has written all members of Congressional Bourbon Caucus and every member of Kentucky’s Congressional Delegation urging them to reject Bill HR5034.

Gregory said that the Bill makes provision for individual states to "establish their own formulas, labeling and bottling standards for Bourbon, overriding uniform federal requirements as now prescribed by the US Treasury Department".

Around 95% of US Bourbon is produced in Kentucky, although the spirit can be made anywhere in the US as long as it adheres to the strict production rules, such as being produced from no less than 51% corn.

"Allowing individual states to concoct a whiskey and call it ‘Bourbon’, based on their own definition, would destroy the industry as we know it today,” said Gregory.