Indonesia was a top-performing market for Danone Waters last year

Indonesia was a top-performing market for Danone Waters last year

Bottled water growth in Indonesia doubled in 2011, with volumes expected to jump by 57% over the next four years, a new study has shown.

Retail volume growth increased from 8% in 2010 to 20% last year, according to Mintel research released today (18 December). The rapid growth “sets the stage” for further foreign investment in the country, Mintel said.

“A comparison of Indonesia’s bottled water per capita consumption and its growth rate show that it is one of the highest-value markets for bottled water,” Mintel global drinks analyst Jonny Forsyth said.

“As a young country with the majority of people aged 35 and under, a new generation are growing up with different values than their predecessors such as purchasing water in bottles rather than being used to the routine of boiling tap water.”

Indonesians drink 49 litres of bottled water per head, up from 29 litres in 2006, Mintel said, adding that the figure is expected to increase to 86 litres by 2016.

In full-year results in February, Danone Waters labelled Indonesia one of its top-performing markets alongside Mexico, China, and Argentina. Forsyth said the French company is paving the way for others as it increases distribution and expands facilities.

“(Danone has a) reputation as a provider of safe and quality water and is likely to become the springboard with which to introduce more premium variants to the emerging middle classes,” he said.