When temperatures soar people consume more water

When temperatures soar people consume more water

Bottled water and dilutables are the winners in the UK during the summer months, according to beverage consultancy firm Zenith International.

Once the UK has experienced a few weekends of sunshine, consumers expect the weather to continue and therefore stock up, Richard Hall, chairman of Zenith told just-drinks today (7 July).

Official figures show that the UK has experienced its hottest June since 1975, while the north west has experience its driest period since 1929.

“If we see just the odd occasional warm weekend, [consumers] are not into the routine of feeling thirsty and therefore buying ahead. Once drinks are in the fridge, they are quickly consumed," said Hall. "So the last few weeks have been pretty good news for soft drinks."

“The first reaction tends to be in favour of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and still drinks. Then, when temperatures become even hotter, people consume proportionately more water. They also start to run out of money and buy more dilutables.

"So, when you have a prolonged period of warm weather, water and dilutables do that bit better, whereas the first reaction is for CSDs and still drinks.”