Click through to view the new Samuel Adams can

Click through to view the new Samuel Adams can

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The Boston Beer Co is to launch its Boston Lager brand in cans in the US, after spending two years and US$1m on development.

The “Sam Can”, due out this summer, gives consumers a drinking experience closer to drinking from a glass than regular cans, the company said today (19 February). It positions the drinker's nose over the can opening so they can better smell the beer, while a curved lip delivers liquid to the front of the palate, Samuel Adams said.

It will be the first time Boston Lager has been available in cans, the craft brewer said.

“I believe we’ve designed a can that provides a slight but noticeably better drinking experience than the standard beer can,” Boston Beer Co founder Jim Koch said.

The new can, designed in partnership with Ball Corporation, will be available in 12-packs in the US nation-wide from early summer for an SRP of between $14.99 and $17.99, Samuel Adams said.

Last year, US craft brewer Arcadia Ales launched more of its craft beer brands in aluminium cans to help make the product more accessible to consumers.