Boston Beers Samuel Adams Nitro range

Boston Beer's Samuel Adams Nitro range

Boston Beer Co has launched the first three releases in its new Samuel Adams Nitro range, which uses nitrogen in place of carbonation.

The company, which first announced its Nitro project last year, said today that Nitro White Ale is now available on draught nation-wide. Nitro White Ale will also be available with Nitro IPA and Nitro Coffee Stout from the start of next month in 4x15oz can multipacks with an SRP of US$8.99-$10.99.

The Nitro range uses a combination of both nitrogen and carbon dioxide - similar to the method used in Diageo's Guinness - to give a rich, creamy texture to the beers. Boston Beer said it is because Nitrogen bubbles are smaller than carbon dioxide ones. "Think of the difference between carbonated water and still water," Boston Beer said. "Both are water but the taste experience is radically different."

It is unclear what other beers will be included in the Nitro range.

Last year, Diageo launched Guinness Nitro IPA, an IPA extension of its Guinness beer brand in the US.