The owner of the Château Cos d'Estournel Bordeaux estate, Michel Reybier, has acquired a majority stake in Hungarian vineyards Hétszölö (49 ha) and  Lencses Dulö (6 ha), for an undisclosed sum from French investment group EEM (Electricité et Eaux de Madagascar).

"Hétszölö represents a model of winemaking in Eastern Europe and, while we may be able to make a contribution to the production process in terms of some small technical improvements,  there is nothing lacking on the quality side,"  Jean-Guillaume Prats, general manager of Reybier Estates, told just-drinks today (25 June).

The  Impérial Hétszölö  estate is is one the premiers crus classés of the Tokaj vineyards and was established in 1502 by the consolidation of seven smaller plots; Hétszölö signifying 'seven vines.' It has a current annual output of 60,000 to 70,000 bottles.

Apart from the Cos d'Estournel (Saint-Estèphe grand cru classé),  Reybier also owns Château La Goulée in the Médoc.