The Conseil Interprofessional du Vin de Bordeaux  (CIVB), Bordeaux's generic wine body, has unveiled a new look for the region's marketing, with the well-known bow-tie emblem being replaced by an ornate B behind the Bordeaux name, for promotional activities.

The logo, which is an attempt to "revitalise the image of Bordeaux and win new consumers for its wines", has also been designed to appear on all Bordeaux's wine bottles, although CIVB president Eric Dulong admitted this may take some time to enforce.

Tanguy Chatillon, CIVB marketing director, said: "The new logo is part of our overall strategy to simplify the marketing of Bordeaux and streamlin eall 57 appellations  under on brand name. We want to make Bordeaux accessible to everyone, win new consumers and give confidence to loyal customers.

"With this new image we hope to move Bordeaux into the 21st century without losing its unique style and interesting diversity."