Bordeaux hopes to promote a younger, trendier image in Paris next weekend with 3,000 bottles of "E-motif" wine on display at a show in the French capital.

The wine will be on display at the "Week-sur-terre" Christmas market show, which runs from 15-17 December under the Eiffel Tower.
"It's the first wine made by young winemakers, for young drinkers, to be drunk young," said Alain Sichel, the Bordeaux négociant charged with E-motif sales.
He said the wine is the first to be made collaboratively by a négociant, Maison Sichel, a wine union, the Syndicat des Bordeaux et Bordeaux Supérieur, and growers, the Jeune Agriculteurs (Young Farmers).
Young farmer Yohan Bardeau said E-motif was charged with getting rid of the image of polluting farmers with berets, in need of social assistance.