The value of Bordeaux exports rose 20% last year on 2005, according to figures published by trade association, the CIVB.

Exports generated EUR 1.272bn in sales from volumes up 1% at 1.816 million hectolitres.

CIVB president Alain Vironneau said the results provided real grounds for optimism in the sector for the years to come.

Global Bordeaux sales totalled 5.65m hectolitres in 2006 an increase of 1% on the previous year, yielding revenues of EUR3.23bn (+7%).

In the EU, exports declined by 4% in volume but were up 11% in value. Export sales to the UK, Bordeaux's biggest foreign market in volume terms, were up 40% to EUR226m.

Export sales to the US totalled grew 50% in value to EUR 215m on volumes up 21%.