Wine consumers have the greatest awareness of Bordeaux, Champagne and Chianti when it comes to the world's wine regions, according to recent research.

A survey of 11,000 wine consumers in 11 wine markets has found that Bordeaux ranked first in terms of penetration in eight out of the 11 markets surveyed. Côtes du Rhône also did well in terms of penetration in the northern European countries of Denmark, Finland, Ireland and the UK.

The survey, conducted in March by Wine Intelligence, measured awareness and purchase of 28 regions and appellations in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, The Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, the UK and the US.

Looking at other French regions, Chablis or Provence have relatively high awareness in comparison to their sales volumes. For instance, 76% of British and Irish consumers are aware of Chablis - versus about 90% for Bordeaux - despite the fact that Chablis exports are substantially lower than those of Bordeaux. While being a relatively small exporter in terms of volumes, the word 'Provence' generates between 37% (US) and 66% (Denmark) of prompted awareness in wine consumption markets.

On the Spanish front, Rioja ranks first in terms of conversion of 'awares' into 'users' in Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Switzerland and the UK. The region comes second on the same measure in Germany.

This survey will be repeated in October 2007 in 12 countries, including France, Belgium and Sweden.