Bootie Beer Corporation has filed for a name change to alter the company's name to TMT Capital Corporation.

TMT Capital Corporation will operate as a diversified holding company. Bootie Beer Company, the new name for Bootie Holdings Corporation, brewer of Bootie Beer and Bootie Light is the first operating subsidiary of TMT Capital.

TMT Capital and Bootie Beer Company CEO and president Tania Torruella said: "Our position as a diversified holding company will seek growth through new capital, acquisitions and niche market start-ups. This strategy can provide a unique balance of value, and aggressive growth for our shareholders through multi-industry exposure. Our clients, strategic business partners and shareholders have embraced the name as a better description of our new model and future."

The company announced a share repurchase programme in November last year which looked to see the brewer buy back up to 2m shares of its common stock.
The Wisconsin brewer, which produces the Bootie Beer and Bootie Light brands, said that it planned to repurchase securities on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board market, in compliance with Rule 10b-18 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Bootie Beer said it reserves quantity and purchase discretion, and the total purchase will not exceed 2m shares.