Boisset Family Estates, the Burgundy-based wine and spirits maker, has begun distributing its Californian Fog Mountain Merlot wine in a one-litre PET bottle in the US.

Boisset's decision to introduce Fog Mountain Merlot in a one-liter PET bottle rather than a 750ml PET bottle is based on consumer feedback, it said, announcing the move yesterday (10 June).

"Because PET is significantly thinner than glass, 750ml plastic bottles are smaller than their glass counterparts, creating the perception of containing less wine," said the France-based wine firm.

The lightweight one-litre bottle featuring Constar's MonOxbar oxygen-scavenging technology.

Boisset has been a leader in introducing PET wine bottles to the wine market, from its Louis Bernard Bonus Passus Côte du Rhône —one of the first French AOC wines to use PET bottles — to the move to transport all of its 2008 Beaujolais Nouveau from its vineyards in France to the United States and other countries in lightweight PET bottles.

PET bottles, the group said, have a smaller carbon footprint than comparable glass bottles and require less energy to produce, ship and recycle.