Boddingtons bitter is to premier two new TV ads on the UK market during February but has dumped its famous cow star for a sexier image.

The ads, the company says, will feature not one but two new Boddies Girls and mark a return to the style that launched Melanie Sykes, "where the women are truly confident and sassy ladies".

"The two new ads bring the famous Bodds role reversal concept bang up to date, with cooler, sexier storylines," the company said.

In the first ad called "Pillow Talk" a brunette, Claudia Rocafort, persuades her partner in bed to pretend he's a barman serving her a chilled Bodds. Totally satisfied with her gorgeous pint, she leaves him totally frustrated.

The second ad sees a red head, Claire Adamson, star as an actress in "Screen Kiss". Finding her co-star so repellent she can't bring herself to kiss him, she then imagines him to be a pint of Creamy Bodds, and of course then can't resist her attraction to him.

Boddingtons' brand manager Karen Willsher says the new ads are a logical development for the well-known beer brand. "Graham the cow has moved onto pastures new but like our pint, we're keeping ahead and refreshing things all the time. The new ads are set to become a truly gorgeous experience".