Boddingtons is reinforcing awareness among its key target audience (18 to 34-year-olds) and key brand values through sponsorship of stand-up comedy moments on national radio throughout the summer.

Boddingtons, famous in the UK for its advertising campaign is following up its recent sponsorship of Amnesty International's "We Know Where You Live" anniversary concert with the four-month long radio sponsorship.

Interbrew UK has linked up with Virgin Radio to develop the programming concept, which will feature an intro and outro in the style of a comedy club host, designed to reflect the atmosphere of the club circuit.

Richard Evans, marketing director of Interbrew UK said: "Boddingtons is already closely identified with comedy because of its advertising executions and we believe there is an opportunity to build on this comedy association to establish a closer relationship with the consumer.

"Comedy provides a creative routine to reinforce the key brand values by giving something back to consumers. There is a natural synergy in comedy sponsorship for Boddingtons because its core brand values - such as honesty, warmth and modernity - are a close match for the values connected with intelligent, home-grown comedy," he added.