Enery drinks brand Blow has come under fire from US Rep Mary Bono-Black, who has branded founder Logan Gola a "scumbag" and claims the product glamourises drug use.

The California congresswoman, who was joined by John Schwarzlose, president and CEO of the Betty Ford Centre, said last week: "To me, Mr Gola is clearly a scumbag."

But Bono-Mack isn't alone in her crusade against Blow. Assemblyman Ralph Caputo announced last week that Blow energy drink mix prompted him to introduce legislation in New Jersey to limit the sale of all energy drinks to minors in his state.

Earlier this week, Logan defended himself and the Blow product. "The congresswoman needs to relax," he said. "We don't market towards children and those offended by our marketing should move on to more important issues."

Logan debated with Bono-Mack on the Fox Business Channel, where he disputed the congresswoman's allegations. "We believe, and most importantly our attorneys believe, that Blow energy drink mix is being lawfully marketed," Gola said.

The Blow founder also exchanged views with Caputo on Fox's Live Desk.

"We support appropriate legislation of energy drinks and feel strongly that minors should be prohibited from consuming all highly caffeinated products," said Gola.

Blow energy drink mix is sold as a white powder contained in a vial, and is marketed as "pure uncut energy".