Blavod Extreme Spirits (BES) has announced that Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, the largest distributor in the US, would carry its Players Extreme line beginning 1 February in New York City. Southern Wine & Spirits already carries BES' Blavod Black Vodka.

In another deal, United Distributing of Boston will carry the BES wine portfolio in six states - Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Virginia and North Carolina. Connecticut will also offer the BES wine portfolio in a separate deal with Ace Distributing.

"Southern, United and Ace are some of the most important distributors in the US. We are pleased to further our involvement with them," said Jeff Hopmayer, BES CEO.

"We are very proud of our emerging wine portfolio. Pairing our award-winning wine including Bruno Rocca and Baroncini with these distributors is a win for everyone, especially consumers in these states," Hopmayer added.