UK-based spirits producer Blavod Extreme Spirits has announced the further expansion of its distribution network in the UK and export markets.

Blavod reported that the first half of the year had seen distribution gains in the UK, with some 430 additional outlets from the country's four largest supermarket chains taking on its black vodka brand.

The company said that its launch of Cockspur rum in the UK had won it new customers, who had decided to list its black vodka for the first time, in addition to Cockspur.

The company has also reported a rise in export orders from Estonia, which it viewed as positive for its expansion into the large vodka markets of Finland and southern Russia. Blavod added that a large Far East duty free retailer had listed the vodka, while in South America new distribution had been added in Honduras and Panama.
Meanwhile, in the US, the company's Tequila brand El Diamante del Cielo had continued its expansion, Blavod reported, with the brand available in 45 states.  El Diamante del Cielo has also recently been launched in New York City.
Blavod said that its vodka brand was also being sold through US military stores, while the company's Italian wine portfolio had continued to gain distribution through premier outlets.

"We are very excited to be adding new points of distribution and extending the availability of our complete portfolio to consumers," said Jeff Hopmayer, CEO of Blavod Extreme Spirits.