Blavod Extreme Spirits is to sponsor a NASCAR car and driver in the US. The company said yesterday (13 September) that its Players Extreme vodka brand will be an associate sponsor on the #4 Lucas Oil Chevy, with driver Mike Wallace, beginning in Richmond this past weekend.

"NASCAR is the fastest growing sport in the world and Morgan-McClure is one of the most popular and respected teams on the circuit," said Jeff Hopmayer, CEO of Blavod Extreme Spirits. "Players Extreme is a perfect fit for this exciting sport. We deliver distribution in all 50 states and 42 other countries, so it will be a great opportunity to leverage these relationships to enhance a distribution and marketing network for both of our brands at retail."
The first market for the combined distribution and marketing effort is the state of Texas, where Eclipse Distribution Services will be partnering with both brands to increase market share throughout the entire state, Blavod said.
"Vodka is becoming a spirit that everyone enjoys," Hopmayer added. "More than 40% of NASCAR's loyal fans are women and Players Extreme is an especially nice alternative for them."
Hopmayer added that Blavod Extreme Spirits is dedicated to promoting responsible drinking. "Although Players Extreme can make race day more fun, we encourage NASCAR fans to drink sensibly starting with responsible consumption."
Larry McClure, president and team manager for Morgan-McClure Motorsports said, "Players Extreme is a great fit for our team. Their vodkas are fast and hard-driving and, just like our drivers.

"We join Blavod Extreme Spirits in encouraging our fans to drink responsibly and to respect their fellow race fans by not drinking too much."