Indian Bottled water giant Bisleri is seeking an out-of-court settlement in its 14-year-old intellectual property rights battle with Coca-Cola Co over the Mazaa brand.

Bisleri CEO Ramesh Chauhan told just-drinks this week: "There is a possibility of an out-of-court settlement with the Coca Cola Co."

However, a Coca-Cola India spokesperson said the firm "cannot acknowledge or deny any requests from Mr Chauhan for an out-of-court settlement as the issue is still handled by the Court at this point."

Bisleri agreed to sell the trademark rights to Mazaa soft drinks, among other brands, to Coca-Cola Co in 1993.

When Coca-Cola attempted to register Mazaa as a trademark in Europe, Bisleri sued for US$50m, claiming the deal only gave Coca-Cola rights over the name in India.

The New Delhi High Court ruled in favour of Coca Cola in October 2008, but the dispute has continued.