Diet products specialist Biovite has launched a shake beverage called X-Vite Low Gi Shake, aimed at those looking to switch to a low Gi (glycaemic index) diet.
X-Vite Low Gi Shake has a glycaemic index of just 34, says Biovite. The company claims the product could help you lose up to 10lbs in just three weeks with no hunger pangs, sugar cravings or waning energy levels.
The vanilla-flavoured shake combines vitamins and minerals with Omega 3, whey protein, calcium, and fibres such as oat beta glucan, known for their slow release properties.
The product is being sold online at or through telesales, retailing at GBP29.95 (US$56.71) for 14 servings, plus postage and packing of GBP2.50.