The Polish Treasury Ministry has opened fresh negotiations with a view to selling a major stake in Polmos Bialystok. Central European Distribution Corporation said yesterday (9 June) that the Ministry will enter into negotiations with CEDC on a nonexclusive basis. The announcement follows the collapse of talks with Sobieski Dystrybucja earlier this week.

The Ministry has given CEDC five days to negotiate from Monday (13 June) to Friday (17 June) next week.

"We are extremely pleased that the Polish Treasury Ministry has entered into negotiations with us," said William Carey, CEDC president and CEO. "We are confident that we will be able to effectively negotiate with the Polish Treasury Ministry any open items to permit us to finalise the transaction, subject to anti-trust approval from the Polish anti-monopoly office.

"We expect to be able to positively address the concerns of the employees of Polmos Bialystok and are prepared to offer a fair and equitable package to them."

Reports have suggested that the ministry stumbled on disagreements between trade unions at the vodka distiller and Sobieski during talks this week.