, Inc. announced the launch today of its new website and online ordering and processing system.

BevOnline(TM) is a groundbreaking Internet-based business-to-business ordering system for the $110 billion US beverage alcohol vertical market that seamlessly links all of the industry's three tiers -- retailers, distributors and suppliers -- in one online marketplace. (Developed and backed by a diverse group of proven market leaders), BevOnline allows all three tiers to conduct business utilizing ASP technology, which streamlines the order process and improves the supply chain.

BevOnline(TM) has integrated their Internet model to accommodate the industry's traditional way of doing business. Rather than changing the rules, as many other E-businesses have done, is striving to bring to the 21st century, an industry that's forced to live under archaic rules imposed by federal and state governments, with: Streamlined procurement, patentable online interactive POS system BevOnline(TM) 24/7 electronic ordering. The Virtual Rep & Cellar Management system centralizes ordering, details information, industry exchange and highly targeted advertising, State of the Art Technology, SSL encrypted security, complete redundancy, efficient supply chain management, business intelligence with educated buyer and educated sales people, product development, customer development and reduced processing costs.

By using BevOnline(TM), retailers will be able to rapidly expedite their liquor needs instead of spending hours placing orders over the phone with salespeople from several different distributors. BevOnline(TM) then transmits the orders directly to the appropriate distributor.

Moving product purchasing online may seem routine to many industries that are creating Internet marketplaces and exchanges on a daily basis, for the liquor industry, which is divided into beer, wine, and distilled spirits, this is a major change. While most E-commerce Web sites attempt to eliminate the middleman, the liquor industry can't do that.

"We desire to be a technology partner with our customers, instead of a third party sales force," says Jonathan Thomas, President and CEO.

The team had some convincing arguments. The main selling point: Doing business via a Web site can cut the cost of taking an order by nearly 80%. The service is free to retailers, and BevOnline(TM) receives a small fee for each transaction from the distributor.

BevOnline(TM) also designed their Web site so it would appeal to and be easy to use by those not familiar with computers. The Web site allows point-and-click ordering, using proprietary software that the company built to take into account the myriad discounting and pricing schemes that vary by state.

The company decided to use the Microsoft BackOffice Server Suite 4.5, which includes SQL Server 7.0, Systems Management Server 2.0, Exchange 5.5, SNA Server 4.5, Site Server 3.0, Proxy Server 2.0, and Windows NT Server 4.0, because it was reliable and easy to use, according to BevOnline President Jonathan Thomas. The system is designed to scale up by adding more servers so it can handle 550,000 customers, which is the total number of liquor retailers (restaurants, bars, and stores) in the United States. They are building a technology to be the standard for the industry.

For retailers, the most important aspect of BevOnline(TM) is the flexibility it allows. It gives you an opportunity to order when you want, not just when a salesperson is in your area. The Web site will also help you find a distributor of an unusual or rare product that a customer requests.