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The Best Spirit Co has revealed it is producing its own bottled and canned blended whisky in Mexico to target the domestic and international markets.

'Williamson 18', which launched last month, is retailing for between MXN85 (US$6.48) and MXN95 (US$7.24) for a 700ml bottle in Mexican liquor stores, the Aguascaliente-based group said today (7 October). Cans will sell for around MXN35-40. 

The company, which claims that the 40% abv product is Mexico's first whisky, expects it to undercut US and European whiskies in price by around 20% in Mexico. 

The company said it has "obtained all permits and certification from the local government and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico" for the product.

Jose Luis Perez, the firm's general manager, added that the brand will also be exported to “many countries around the world through a distribution network of class A liquor distributors who will take advantage of this novelty product”.

The whisky is being produced in a new 5,000 square metre bottling plant in Aguascaliente, equipped with new maceration tanks, distillation equipment and fully automatic bottling machines, Best Spirit Co said. 

The plant has an annual production capacity of up to 200,000 cases. The firm anticipates this to to increase to 500,000 cases - and 1m cases of canned whisky - by the end of 2015.

Perez added: “This is a genuine Mexican whisky and it is a perfect product for mass market consumption."

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