A new source of information for the beer brewing and consuming community has been launched. Filling the gap from traditional commercial brewing sites, beerflavor.com focusing upon the real qualities of beer, its flavor and the people that create it.

The new site, located at http://www.beerflavor.com contains a number of useful resources, a forum for beer drinkers and producers to interact and exchanges views and opinions, a fully interactive quiz area to test the skills of brewers and the understanding of the general public, the latest beverage news updated on a daily basis and a variety of useful articles, news items and brewing literature. A unique feature of the site is the ability to download useful fact sheets to help both brewers and consumers improve their understanding of the finer qualities of this unique product.

Commenting on the new site, Director, Ron Harris said, "Beerflavor.com has targeted itself in a unique position, trying hard to become a portal for both brewers and consumers, an area often overlooked by commercial brewing web sites".

Beerflavor.com welcomes contributions for journalists, brewers and even the consuming public - an industry links section is also being formed to provide a full guide to the world of beer and brewing.

For further information contact: Lee Stenning, Marketing Director, e-mail lee@beerflavor.com or for general queries contact the Press Team, e-mail press@beerflavor.com