Spirits, wine and beer continued to grow in the US in last year, but the industry boom has slowed, according to an annual report.

Wine sales were up for the 14th consecutive year, by 4% on 2006 to 294.4m cases, spirits grew for the tenth year, reaching 182.4m 9-litre cases (3.2%), and beer was up for the second year, to 2.93bn cases (1.2%), according to the Handbook Advance published by the Beverage Information Group (previously Adams).

"Inventive marketing and more approachable products have helped increase wine's appeal to a younger segment of the adult population," said Eric Schmidt, manager of information services. "Spirits still grew, but the effect of the slowing economy on restaurant consumption is apparent."

In 2007, imported spirits grew to 40.3% of consumption. Vodka grew 6.7% and now accounts for 28.9% of the spirits business while number two rum grew 5.1%.

Almost every country exporting wine to the US showed growth, with Italy up 8.8% and France up 6.6%.