Coop Norge is looking to instigate a beer price war, according to local reports. Norwegian News Digests said yesterday (14 March) that the retail chain group has reduced the price of Ringsnes canned beer by around 16% since the end of last year.

Coop Norge's chains Prix and Obs! Currently sell 0.5-litre cans of Ringsnes for NKK19.9 (US$3.27). The company's market rival, Rema 1000 has followed the move by reducing its price to NKK20 per Ringsnes can.

According to Coop Norge's communications manager, Vidar Ullenroed, the group will also seek to start a price war on other products, the news agency said.

In April last year, Norwegian retail chains initiated a beer price war which led to prices per bottle as low as NKK6.5. The Directorate for Health and Social Affairs in the country ruled at the time that the low price violated alcohol regulations, and pegged a minimum price of NKK8 per bottle.