Beer is the US drinkers favourite tipple

Beer is the US drinker's favourite tipple

US drinkers are increasingly favouring beer over wine, a new study has revealed. 

Some 39% of those polled in the Gallup study said they drank beer more often than other alcoholic drinks in the past year compared to 36% the year before. Wine was the drink of choice for 35% of those questioned, unchanged from the year before.

The proportion of those who preferred spirits dropped from 23% to 22%.

The annual Consumption Habits survey, released on Friday (17 August), also found that 22% of drinkers admit to sometimes drinking too much, compared to 17% the year before.

However, the past year's figure is broadly in line with results since 2001. Prior to 2001, the proportion tended to be higher, Gallup said.

According to the survey, 66% of Americans drink alcohol, compared to 64% surveryed last year.

Gallup interviewed about 1,000 people across the US to compile the study.

Last week, a survey claimed global sparkling wine sales have room for significant global growth despite the economic downturn.