InBev UK is to run television advertising for Beck's in the UK for the first time in seven years.

The TV campaign, which launches tomorrow (24 May), portrays four dancing characters that turn out to be the same person represented in different ways. The person first appears as a marionette puppet followed by two-dimensional animation and a stop-frame motion model. The final version is the real-life person. The commercial is set to a track by The Flaming Lips entitled 'It Overtakes Me'.

The ads will run until mid-July, and make up part of a GBP12m (US$22.6m) marketing investment in Beck's and Beck's Vier, which is being rolled out to take-home wholesalers following its on-trade launch in February this year.

"This campaign delivers a really simple message about the brand in a truly engaging way that will have strong appeal to lager drinkers," said Devin Kelly, marketing director of InBev UK.
"It is the first time the brand has been on TV in a number of years so it will provide a timely boost in consumer awareness as we continue to drive the success of Beck's.

"The brand has made significant progress since we took on UK distribution rights nine months ago and this year we have expanded the range with the successful launch of Beck's Vier. This burst of advertising and sponsorship will build on the progress of both brands by reinforcing their relationship with existing drinkers and encouraging new drinkers to sample them."