You might say this German beer importer is extremely delighted with the success of its new Beck's Light. Beck's North America today reported strong initial sales of Beck's Light, which rolled out nationally in March of this year. The No. 1 German beer importer, based in Stamford, Conn., said across the board sales of Beck's Light have been on or above projections, with some markets such as Chicago, Orlando and Miami, reporting stellar retail sales.

Rainer Meyrer, executive vice president of marketing for Beck's North America, said that retail tracking studies in June showed that in Orlando and Miami, for example, Beck's Light outsold Amstel Light and substantially increased its volume on Corona Light. In Miami, Beck's Light has established an 18 percent case share of import lights sold in the grocery channel.

"With this kind of momentum, we've got a good shot at knocking Amstel Light out of its No. 2 position in several markets," said Meyrer. "Beck's Light is a terrific tasting beer that's crisp, refreshing, light, and undeniably Beck's. Apparently, American consumers are quickly finding this out for themselves and coming back for more."

Meyrer added that the launch of Beck's Light has also had a positive impact on building awareness of the Beck's base brand in the United States.

About Beck's

Beck's, brewed in Bremen, Germany, is the United States' No. 1 imported German beer. Beck's North America, importer of Beck's, Beck's Light, Beck's Dark, Beck's Oktoberfest and Haake Beck non-alcoholic, accounts for approximately 69 percent of all German beer imported into the United States.* For more information about Beck's, please log on to

Source: 1999 Adams Beer Handbook